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Here you will find samples of  personal work, original stories/concepts, sketches and professional work done for various studios throughout the animation industry.

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Below are two of original story ideas brought to life through a storyboard and beat board. 

Use the arrows on top of each file to navigate through the story.  

Sometimes what we believe or think something is may be something else entirely. As all things in life it just depends on whose point of view the story is being told.

Being the new kid at school can be really rough. Finding that BFF in school can really ease the pain.

Original Concepts


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This reel shows samples of my work while directing on Spirit: Riding Free. All the sequences shown in this reel were boarded and drawn by me.  In addition to the boards I selected the music throughout to help push the emotion of the scenes.

This animatic was done while developing the Cleopatra In Space Series. Writing was done by Doug Langdale. Film style, visual ideas, boarding, selected music, and timing were done by Fitzy. 



Use the arrows on top of each file below to navigate through the story.  

This is sequence from a storyboard I did while working at Nickelodeon on "Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness".

In this episode the Furious Five are feeling under appreciated by Shifu and the villagers. Since Po came to town it seems all the focus is always on him. The Furious Five decide it is time for them to look for a new job.

This is a rough sequence I did at the start of development/production for the Powerpuff Girls Reboot.

As the Supervising Director of the series I wanted to give an example to the Directors and board teams on ways to push the cinematics and action in the series.

Production Storyboards


This is a 3 min animated short that I created about a set of twins. It was used an opening to their B'nai Mitzvah montage. I came up with the concept, wrote the script, storyboarded, animated, colored, directed, and produced it with a bit of additional help with animation, voices, and editing.

Short Film


Below are samples of my sketches and personal artwork

Use the arrows on top of each file to navigate through the story.  

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