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FITZY J. FITZMAURICE                (818) 941-3113

Emmy nominated artist with broad experience and depth of knowledge within multiple disciplines including story, directing, animating, designing, color, timing and development. Proven ability to work through the creative process of production while meeting the challenges presented. Versatile in providing focused deliverables in a variety of roles. Enthusiastic team player capable of effective leadership, handling multiple tasks on deadline and multi-level collaboration. 


                                                                            WORK EXPERIENCE

Walt Disney Animation Studios (Burbank, CA)      Story Artist- December 2019-Present

-Various Unannounced Films/Projects


"Strange World"

-Disney+ (Baymax, Tiana, & Short Circuit)

-Mentor for the Apprentice and Training Programs

-Collaborate directly with Directors, Heads of Story, and other artists across departments to brainstorm ideas, shape our films through visual sequences, and develop cinematography, staging, and cutting
-A sensibility and knowledge of how to best serve the structure of a movie, from the overall theme to a single scene and an awareness of where to add emotion or humor as necessary to the story
-Tackle story and structure problems and maximize entertainment value where needed


DreamWorks Television Animation (Glendale, CA)                       November 2015-November 2019

“Cleopatra In Space”                            Showrunner/Supervising Producer- October 2017-November 2019

-Responsible for all aspects of the storyboarding and timing processes in the editing/animatics stage. 

-Managed the entire team of directors, storyboard artists, revisionists, and animatic editors to ensure alignment of the style, vision, and creative ambitions required for a locked animatic of every episode and throughout the series.

-In partnership with the Executive Producer, reviews animation, SFX, and music providing notes and feedback on re-takes bringing each episode through the final mix.


“Spirit: Riding Free”                                                                Director- November 2015-October 2017

-Manages a team of two board artists and a revisionist through the storyboard process.

-Responsible for ensuring continuity in the visual language of the boards throughout the series.

-Role encompasses directing, editing, storyboarding, mentoring.

-Chosen by the studio to be one of three instructors for the initial course in the new DreamWorks Training Program.


Cartoon Network Studios (Burbank, CA)      Supervising Director- January 2015-November 2015

“Powerpuff Girls”

-Emmy nomination as Supervising Director for episode “Once Upon A Townsville”

-Managed four story teams of two board artists each and a revisionist through the storyboard process.

-Worked with the teams to ensure alignment of the style, vision and creative ambitions required for the boards within each episode.

-Develops and visually executes the story from an outline.


Disneytoon Studios (Glendale, CA)                        Story Artist- June 2013-December 2014


-Participated as a key story artist within development of multiple projects.

-Researched and developed original short ideas based off of a given subject matter.

-Projects included Planes 3 feature, History of Aviation, as well as Planes and Tinkerbell short films.

Nickelodeon Studios (Burbank, CA)                                                         October 2009-May 2013

"WallyKazam!”                                                         Storyboard Artist- February 2013  – May 2013


-Created storyboards used as the model for all board artists to use on show.

-Trusted to board the most challenging sequences and elements of my team’s episodes including songs and complex action sequences. 

-Was in line to assume position as a director at time of elective departure. 


“Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomeness”                     Storyboard Artist- July 2010 – February 2013

                                                                                                Storyboard Revisionist- October 2009 – July 2010


-Primary board artist asked to work on all three teams due to demonstrated adaptability.

-Story artist on multiple Annie and Emmy nominated episodes.


Starz Media/Film Roman (Burbank, CA)                                     February 2006-September 2009 

“The Simpsons”                                                     Storyboard Artist- May 2009 –September 2009

                                                                                 Character Layout Artist- August 2007 – April 2009 


-Received Emmy certificate for work on award winning episode. 

-Developed a strong relationship with multiple directors.

“The Simpsons Movie”                                                 Story Reel Artist- February 2006 – July 2007


-Responsible for storyboards, storyboard revisions, character layout, and animation. 

-Part of an elite cadre chosen to work directly with the creator, writers, and director to bring the overall film together.

West Coast Animation (Los Angeles, CA)                                                   September 2003-January 2005

“Eddie ‘n the Squid”/ Various Projects                                     Co-Creator/Character Designer/Animator


-Created a series of pitches complete with character biographies, plot ideas, environments, and a 2-5 minute short to present the concepts. 

-Responsible for coming up with themes, concepts, and story ideas. 

-Designed characters, props, and environments from the original concept to finished production drawings. 

-Responsibilities also included animation, color, special effects, compositing, lip-sync, and sound.


Film Roman (North Hollywood, CA)                                                           February 2003- September 2003

"Free For All”                                                                                                    Assistant Animator


-Responsible for doing rough character animation between key poses.

-Put rough animation on model, doing the clean up line on characters, and indicating the shadows and highlights. 



Massachusetts College of Art and Design                                                 Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2002

Double Major: Animation and Illustration



MAC and PC proficient, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash/Animate, Premiere, ToonBoom Storyboard Pro, ToonBoom Digital Pro, After Effects (Basic), and Maya (Basic)



-US Olympic Development Soccer Team  (1992-1997)

-American Ambassadors Soccer Team (Woman’s team representing the US overseas 1996-97)

-UMASS Boston Soccer Coach (Goalkeeper coach 2001)

-MASSART/Emerson Soccer Team Captain  (1998-2000)

- “A Tale of Two Twins” short (Directed, wrote, storyboarded, animated, and colored. 2014)



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